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Custom Post Type Code Generator by Themergency

I found this generator quite by accident whilst looking up articles about Custom Post Types and thought I should let you know about it too: Custom Post Type Code Generator by Themergency This is because I think it is the

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WPShower – New WordPress Theme Site

This will be a short post, as I simply want to share a brand new WP theme site that I discovered via WLTC recently called WPShower. The site has released 3 lovely and free WordPress themes to date, including Imbalance,

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WP 2.9 Features Vote Results say ‘Media Features – Put em’ in core’?

The results of the WordPress 2.9 Features Vote came out today, where Jane Wells wrote that over 3,500 people participated in the poll.  Although only the first question was mandatory, Media albums and Easier embedding of Media were clearly priorities

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WordPress Plugin Competition 2009

Our humble website, WPSnippets, is hardly the first stop WordPress fans will visit when they look up information regarding their beloved WordPress (I recommend visiting WP Tavern and WLTC for that!)  but I do still feel it is important to

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Transcript of WordPress Weekly’s Interview with Matt Mullenweg on 21 December 2008 – Part 3

Since posting Part 1 and Part 2 of the transcript of WordPress Weekly’s interview with Matt Mullenweg by Jeff Chandler, I have received some really encouraging comments from WordPress ‘enthusiasts’ such as Sophia Lucero, who simplified key questions at the

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