WPShower – New WordPress Theme Site

This will be a short post, as I simply want to share a brand new WP theme site that I discovered via WLTC recently called WPShower.

WPSHOWER Logo and Blurb

The site has released 3 lovely and free WordPress themes to date, including Imbalance, Paragrams and iPhonsta. You can see a screenshot of Paragrams below, courtesy of WPShower.

Screenshot of Paragrams theme by WPShowerSadly there is no ‘About’ page, so we don’t know much about the person or people behind the site, but going by the comment replies on Imbalance, the admin has the nickname ‘Leg’. You can also keep up-to-date with WPShower via their Twitter.

I am really impressed with the releases so far and feel a bit sad that none of my projects are very graphics-oriented content-wise, so the designs would be rather wasted if applied to those sites. Fingers crossed that the next WPShower release will be more text-content friendly!

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  1. 李硕 says:

    哈哈,( ^_^ )不错嘛,我博客搞了一个写评论,送书的活动,欢迎举手报名哈

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