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Automatically import a Google Drive Sheet (CSV) into TablePress using Automatic Periodic Table Import

To keep this post short-and-sweet, which will be the aim for future articles, I am experimenting with the Situation, Task, Action, Result (STAR) method for this write-up. Do let me know if you think it works or not in the comments or the

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Separate theme display and functionality with a build-your-own custom functionality plugin

Having worked with child themes for some time, it was great to learn something new today, one that will cause a paradigm shift in the way I work with themes. The epiphany came from Dave Clements, who built on Ryan

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WordPress Plugin Competition 2009

Our humble website, WPSnippets, is hardly the first stop WordPress fans will visit when they look up information regarding their beloved WordPress (I recommend visiting WP Tavern and WLTC for that!)  but I do still feel it is important to

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Find of the Day: The Definitive Guide on WordPress Syntax Highlighter Plugins

As WP Snippets is going to focus on WordPress codes and tips, it was very important that we had a good code syntax highlighter to separate the content from the code clearly, and ensure the display wasn’t messed up by

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WP-Table plugin – Fatal Error fix for WordPress 2.5+

10/05/2013: Everyone should now switch to TablePress by Tobias. Click here to visit TablePress.org   WP-Table plugin by Alex Boelinger is a unique WordPress plugin that allows admins to create tables, by this I mean the ones with rows and

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