So it turns out Matt Mullenweg is the owner of WLTC and WP Tavern…

And if it wasn’t for my exams, I would have picked up on this news earlier… who would have thought? 🙂

Personally, I am very glad to find out about this revelation – it shows the right people still care enough about the community:

Why on earth? Well, it’s the same and different for each one. Jeff wanted to step back from WPTavern and had an offer but I thought it wasn’t really fair given the years and effort he had put into the blog. Even if he wasn’t going to be part of the WordPress world anymore I wanted him to go out of it with the best deal possible. For Mark, the context was similar except I don’t think he talked to any other buyers because his priority was having it in good hands – someone who would keep it around. I have a high regard for the great historical context WLTC provided, being there with WordPress from pretty much day one. So each was purchased by Audrey and went into hibernation.

Neither was done to be a business or make any money and there are no plans for ads or sponsors on either site.

So there you have it, WLTC will become a credible and worthy archive celebrating the history of WordPress (which is now in its tenth year)  and WordPress Tavern will become, hopefully, an alternative community hangout outside of

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