Mark Ghosh says bye-bye (for now) to Weblog Tools Collection

I remember Weblog Tools Collection from way back when – it was *the* source of all the latest WordPress news and getting a plugin or theme featured on its updates was (and still is quite) a big deal – you knew it had been carefully reviewed by a human being – and its reach, through the WordPress Dashboard, was enormous.

It was there before the Theme Repository, there before plugins could be installed automatically via the admin dashboard, and before WordPress became mainstream.

Sadly, Mark Ghosh, the founder of WLTC, has announced that he will be leaving the website due to personal circumstances (family and ‘real life’) However, he has made an indelible impression on the WordPress sphere and I (as one of the many WP users) would like to thank him and the team he built for providing us with such a robust WordPress resource from the very beginning.

Hopefully he will be back again soon to continue his legacy and the very best to him for the future.

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